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Dan Cadmus – part one (BLBH #14)

Dan Cadmus

I tried to  say, “I love you,” my golden-baled and allergenic Broken Ears of autumnal corn, but my work schedule got in the way.  Here, then, after three days of NaPodPoMo have slipped away, is the first of a perhaps two- or three-parter that I hope will make up for what gets us down.

The subject is the well-spoken and endearing Dan Cadmus, proprietor of the finest store in the city limits of Portland, Oregon.  No links to send your broken days twittling around with to be found here, folkies, mainly because the man is rooted in the soil of practical endeavor and has not one toe stuck in the technological junk-bucket of this fierce era of wires sticking out of everyone’s ears and pockets and everything.

Grab an herb tea or a bottle of organic pinot and enjoy learning about the history of Linnton, and about how life can be when one has, just by working hard and hanging around long enough, landed softly, bus transfer in hand, at the end of one’s rainbow.

(This podcast is no longer available)

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