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Alex H. Williams (BLBH #9)

He’s opinionated, he embraced podcasting from the get-go, and I can see his house from my back door, so this may not be the last time you hear Alex Williams on BLBH.  An hyper-active member of Portland’s tech community, as of this blogging he has 1,362 followers on Twitter and he just started his songwriting carreer.   Baron Landscape sits near Alex’ feet (soon to be shod with mpeg-playing slippers) and floats softballs about Podcast Hotel and starving artists, RSS and open source, the thrill of being in Portland today and the agony of moving trees in his yard.  In this ambling and entertaining conversation, pausing only at the 28-minute mark to roll out his FDR-folk opus “Hey, Mr. Bankerman,” Alex endorses Android and subjective journalism, and foresees promise in Obama and the new generation.

Oh and here’s a link to that Marriage Records XLR8R podcast that’s referenced.

(This podcast is not currently available)

Morgan Grace & Sam Henry at Slim’s (BLBH #6)

Morgan Grace & Sam Henry played live at Slim’s on Saturday, November 1, serenading a subdued brood in St Johns, Portland, Oregon.  Through the miracle of modern podcasting, augmented by the sticks and skins of legendary drummer Sam Henry, hear the talent for which the astonishing Morgan Grace must have bartered a captive soul.  And that laugh, too.  Between her Gretsch, her voice, Sam’s assured fills and that repertoire of major- and minor-key second- and first-degree emotional assauts, the room is fully occupied.  Thanks of course to Morgan and Sam.

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