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The Show and Tell Gallery Podcast #7

Ray Ottoboni

Ray Ottoboni

As hard to believe as it may be, the First Thursday opening at The Show and Tell Gallery on December 4, 2008, came off smoothly although the absence of vacationing curator Melissa Sillitoe made for a comparatively low-key event.  In her stead Luke Lefler, the Gallery’s shy and quiet Digital Media Producer, hosted the reception for Robin Carlisle.  Among the works on display were several from Robin’s house series: “I have painted hundreds of little house paintings and they just seem to keep coming out of me.  Mainly they are cute and warm and cozy and soft.  But they are also a super strong symbol to me.  They are little capsules, like diaries that tell stories.   They hold the most intimate details of people’s lives, histories, futures, dreams and emotions.”  Unfortunately Robin had had a pair of wisdom teeth extracted earlier in the day and she had to excuse herself before the music program which was put together by Michael Hart.  Michael and musician invitees Ray Ottoboni, Michael Pan and Lou & Anthony, as well as the sounds of people mingling and Luke interjecting a flaccid welcome to those in attendance, may all be heard on The Show and Tell Gallery Podcast.

(This podcast is currently unavailable.)

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