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God Damn You, NaPodPoMo! (BLBH #17)


annihilator of dreams

What went wrong?  Breakdowns take many forms.  Some are brief and intense.  Others linger like a scratchy throat.  We can say that we can change.  Change is impossible.  Breakdowns and breakups are the blues and browns in the fog-bound mountaintops and silicon pastures of our Broken-hearted Hours, and all that we see or seem is but a podcast within a blog.

We who are about to upload salute you – Shawno and Jen, Dr. Normal and Cami Kaos,  David Grizzly Smith, Rowland Cutter, Jennifer Navarrete, Spanking Bea Arthur, and all the others too numerous to sample, for sticking together through that sullen and desperate NaPodPo Month of November, 2008.  We hope to play with you more in the new year.

“Music” by Broken Hours, with help from Alex H. Williams’ “Hey, Mr. Bankerman” and Phobia via Renegade Recordings.  Specious retrofaction from Shawno and Chloe Randolph, and from the Castrobot, whatever you are tying to accomplish.  Paranoid Russian-American woman, on the streets of downtown Seattle, speculates.

A Dream for Lickny Speakr (BLBH #8)

A dredge too hard? Morose and delightful in its paired sophistry, a story of indiscpline and persistence, of leaky dialtaions from the calvettes of doom. A bit o’ melancholy, a habit of liquidation, this is indeed a dredge most severe, awful and free as in earlier bytes, but with a snaggly jest ripening for the next. A reverse migration through Bush II’s America pushing up through the plaid and apparently fearless, like a train of jeopardy unclaimed.  Written and performed by Chloe Randolph, music by Broken Hours.

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