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Online Community Management Roundtable at the BLNW ’09 Blog Pavilion, with Dawn Foster and Marshall Kirkpatrick

blnw_square_200x200-150x150-1Fresh out of the digital tinder box and into your analog hearth, a warm and sparking round-table discussion at the Blog Pavilion at Business Leader NW 2009.

Dawn Foster and Marshall Kirkpatrick elucidate, Alex H. Williams moderates, we aggregate.

What it is: thirty-five minutes of lively and informative discourse, among three preeminent thinkers and front-line doers in the mirrored hall of online community, covering current and future issues spinning within the social web and its function in your enterprise.  Whose insights do they find valuable?  And what is community management?  How are companies integrating social web applications?  Listen and discover how to assist your business with these growing online tools.

(This podcast is no longer available)

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