First Friday opening at the Hopscotch Gallery, March 6, 2009

A expectant thrush, a history of problems and the gracious hospitality of Three Friends Coffee House conspired to frost the flukes of fortune that trsulted in DJ Baron Landscape’s mordant and spotty hiatus from perfrmance.  Some ridiculous excuse is not even at hand to explain the reason why Splice Finders’ .wav file of the performance turned out all speedy sounding, but it did.  It simply carn’t be podcast, and those who missed the Firsst Friday opening at the Hopscotch Gallery, featuring nice, long sets by Dina Rae and Root Shocker, and a strange and wonderful appearance by 2010Gold, will simply have to piece a memory together with an ad hoc combination of sensory apparati.  To help stet the sage, we provide the

  • Si Begg, “It’s The Weirdest Thing,” Noodles Discotheque Vol. 4
  • Peter Broderick, “A Simple Reminder,” Touch (Type)
  • Marsen Jules, “Aurore” (edit), Herbstlaub (City Centre Offices)
  • The Camberwell Now “The Ghost Trade” (edit), The Ghost Trade
  • The Matinee Orchestra, “It’s A Fantasy World / Everyone Has The Right To Protest Even If No One Listens,” The Matinee Orchestra (Arable)
  • Erlend Øye/Röyksopp, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
  • The Sandpipers, “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”
  • The Herbed Brie Period By B. Blatherscape, Even

Although he has been auditioning vinyl from The Leaf Label, Memphis Industries, Marina, Arable and Type Records lately, the details of DJ Baron Landscape‘s first live set in a few years cannot be ascertained at WordPress time, except that it will take place at the First Friday reception for the March exhibit by photographer Dan Tree at Hopscotch Gallery, which is in the Three Friends Coffee House, 201 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon.

Dan Tree’s latest photographs take a gothic look at his friend’s MS diagnosis and how she feels to be living with a debilitating disease.  Dan lives in Salt Lake City, but he will be at the opening reception.

Musical eclectica from six to nine begins with DJ Baron Landscape from 6-7.  The warbling banshee Dina Rae, whose ethereal acoustic sounds simply must be experienced for oneself, takes the stage at 7:00 p.m., followed at 7:30 by Root Shocker, who disembarked from their home planet Curiose around the year 2299 touring their most recent album Ground Control.  At 8:00 p.m. it’s the hip-hop fusion stylings of 2010Gold, no es un hombre y no es buen dicho para hablar en el tercero persona.

Admission is free.  Certain special refreshments will be provided, other refreshments are always available at Three Friends.  Arrive early for optimal enjoyment.

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