The Party’s Over


The party is indeed over.  I’m glad you could stop by.

The randomness with which these pages will be populated will be far outmatched by the wondrous synchronicity that will guide them, and me, and you.

Unless an irresistible compulsion serves to totally divert the focus, this blog will default to representing the pre-existing Luke Lefler.  But please contribute in any way you feel moved and I’ll attempt to do the same.

Once I’m comfortable with the layout of this cyber-rambler I will set about furnishing it with news, views and reviews.  I envision an upload link for audio files out of which I’ll make serious hay in future podcasts.   Expect to witness with great amusement my difficult but inexorable emergence into the ranks of bloggers, however faintly and for however long.  There’ll be prose and pictures sublime and insane.

Amounting to what?  We shall see.  We’ll probably find that there’s more on my mind than may have appeared, and that I’m busier than I might have demonstrated previously.  I may have an inordinate amount of faith, or not enough.  In any event, there may be yet another guest at the end of the party.

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