The Princely Wit Semi-Dry Oodsday of the Baron’s Broken Disgrace (BLBH #4)

Free 8% by volume beer for the kids who can say, “expand the playground, going to all eastbound destinations.”  Hundreds of seismic alien sounds in the heart of this nations’ great cities in the making.   The Baron, facing none of the problems of the magitude of those which his forefathers faced, renders no decisions, thank God, although he is anxious, journeys he to the Temple of Power, all afraid so glistening dear hearts bristle.  Pestilence and putrefaction shadow his very scent, suspicious eyes all around.  The Princely Wit Semi-Dry Oodsday originating in a deja long-since vued, coming online in the present infinite obtained, Baron Landscape’s Broken Disgrace as death-defying, mutilated armies scatter the earth, crawling out of dirty holes, jealous, ready to knock down all obstacles.

  • Mer

    I'm listening. I don't understand, but that doesn't seem to make much difference. I plan on listening to more, but I doubt it'll help, either.

  • Candleabras. I don't know how to spell that and I'm not going to correct it.

  • Love the soundscape in this one. Very creative mix! You just got one more subscriber to your show. 🙂

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