A Dream for Lickny Speakr (BLBH #8)

A dredge too hard? Morose and delightful in its paired sophistry, a story of indiscpline and persistence, of leaky dialtaions from the calvettes of doom. A bit o’ melancholy, a habit of liquidation, this is indeed a dredge most severe, awful and free as in earlier bytes, but with a snaggly jest ripening for the next. A reverse migration through Bush II’s America pushing up through the plaid and apparently fearless, like a train of jeopardy unclaimed.  Written and performed by Chloe Randolph, music by Broken Hours.

  • Dave Truco

    Wow, this chick is hot! Where did she get this stuff? It's something you have to listen to four or five times, maybe more… it can't be spontanious, but it reminds me of word Jazz, which was a sort of spontanious thing that you might be able to find on LP somewhere. Word Jazz it is.

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